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ICMD is an approved center in ILM

ILM formed in November 2001 through the merger of the Institute of Supervision and Management (ISM) and NEBS Management (National Examining Board for Supervision & Management).


Why Working With ICMD

ICMD is your single source training provider with more than 150 commercial off-the-shelf courses and tenth of respected certificate programs.


International Recognized and Certified Programs

Many of our courses are designed to meet the standards and requirements of leading industry organizations, such as Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM); Lebanese American University (CEP-LAU) and Institute of Certified Professional Managers (ICPM); Human Recourse Certification Institute (HRCI) and Project Management Institute (PMI®).

Safety, Mechanical Engineering and Operation, Maintenance Engineering and Operation, Electrical Engineering and Operation, Chemical Engineering and Operation. Soft Skills, Finance and Banking, Human Recourses, Sales and Marketing, Customer Service, and other Management skills Courses. Certified Manager, CMA - Certified Management Accountant, CPA - Certified Public Accountant Certified Internal Auditor, Senior/Professional Human Resources, PMP - Project Management Professional, ISO Certified Courses, and other Certified Programs.
Continuous Training Program

During the past Twenty years ICMD has been offering unique courses to develop employees skill and competencies. As part of our continuous effort to develop courses that are up-to-date and specific to meet current requirements of companies; we have expanded our offerings with numerous new courses. Our course list reflect several new and unique courses that will satisfy your diversified training demands.

Our course directors are carefully selected and are highly experienced. With increased faculty resources and offering specific and unique courses, ICMD is looking forward to an ever-increasing presence in supporting you for training your workforce.

With our clients support and recognition of the highest quality training makes us proud to be one of the top Training & Consultancy companies in Saudi Arabia ICMD is the best in management training and courses, technical training and courses, management developent K.S.A., Lebanon, Malaysia, Turkey and London.
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